Tuesday, August 14, 2018


On Monday we went to the hall for boxing.
We had a couch and her name was Pax.
She was our couch for boxing and she also told us the rules respect,discipline and safety.
We learnt how to jab,cross,left hook,right hook,uppercuts,movement and combos.
My favourite part was the combos.

WALT: Learning how to box


My name is Michael and I go to school.
 I’m going to Hawaii for my trip and I'm traveling on boat to get there. The reason why is because I’m learning about Volcanoes,I just hope it doesn't erupt on me! 

5 w’s
Why:learning about Volcanoes.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Math Stategy

WALT:Using tidy numbers
Tidy numbers end with a 0
 -7    +7



Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 WALT:Flip=Financial literacy in Primary

P.W.C=Price Waterhouse Coopers

P.W.C was our visiter for our school.

We had a sheet with 8 question and we had to fill the sheet before they came in, so after that we handed them in and had to wait till monday.

They came in and told us there names Richard and Anibell.

They were a company and they were talking about money,saving,identity,insurance,identity theft.

After the talk we got 4 booklets and 4 cardboard cards to write on,so when we wrote on the cards and wrote in the booklets and when we finished all of it we got to have the so we took it home.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thought cloud


Center my text (Writing)

Increase the size of the front (Writing)

Give depth to the thought cloud outline

Replace the colour of the fill to clear not blue.

gas trap

On Thursday, it was science and we got a paper that was called gas trap there was a place to cut so I cut it. 

We got ot water in our cup and we waited for about 2 minutes and we saw stem on the glass sides and the we got a lid than closed it and we wrote what we saw inside.

So cut part it had words and suppose to hold it on the other side and try to read it. So after the experiment we had a talk and we were talking about water vapour, so after the talk we were done.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bar key

WALT:Use the BAR key to improve the design of at least two of these options..
Astronaut uniform
Bar key