Friday, September 22, 2017

my swimming recount

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Swimming day
By Michael.F
When I slept and woke up the next day, mrs.Sharma told us that we were going to swimming tomorrow, we needed a towel,our togs and a plastic bag.

The next morning when it wasn’t raining I ran to school with my brothers and I got tired, of running but I went up to class and then the bell rang after 8 minutes of drawing, mrs.Sharma said the roll and after the roll we did writing about the kites that we flyed, after the writing we had to do a poem of the kites as well I finished it and after morning tea we, did our hobbies my hobby was inventions I made a simple circuit with Davlyn,Railey and Milan, we had a little bulb and tried to light it and we did everyone gathered around us and we got stuck, but we got out.

Then after lunchtime we saw the bus and Rm5,8 and 6 went on the bus to panmure pools I didn’t went to pools and it was my first time because I only went to beaches, so I got into the pool and I was in the red team and James was my swimming teacher he said what is are names,we all said our names and he copied it on his paper to call out the roll every time we come back I felt like I was ready to learn how to swim and when he said “never give up and try you’re best” to us every time I went and got more better and better at learning how to swim.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017